Contoh Dialog 1 : Percakapan Terjadi Setelah Liburan



Uya : Hi Ayu


Ayu : Hi


Uya : I’ve heard you went to Bali again, is it true?


Ayu : (Ayu smiles)


Uya : Oh my God, I really want to go to Bali, it’s a great place I’ve never slept in.


Uya : Anyway, I know you had visited Bali many times, did you still enjoy it?


Ayu : Yeah, I still enjoy it, especially when watching men playing football on the beach.. bhahahhaa


Uya : While lying on the sand half nak**, huh? (Uya smirks)


Ayu : Oh no, I am Indonesian. I don’t want our ancestors rise from their tomb and look at one of our beaches in summer, they would probably shake their head with incredulity.


Uya : I see. I am just kidding.


Ayu : Nevermind. Anyway, when will you go there?


Uya : I don’t know, I am still busy with my business.


Ayu : I do hope we will see you in Bali next vacation.


Uya : I do hope so.


Ayu : I have to go right now. (while walking away from Uya)


Uya : Oh, nice to meet you Ayu. (while screaming)


Ayu : (Looking back and blinking her eye to Uya).



Contoh Dialog 2 : Percakapan Terjadi Sebelum Liburan



Ayu : Do you really want to go to Bromo?


Uya : Yeah, my boss has given me a break.


Ayu : Why don’t you visit Bali? You wanna go there, don’t you?


Uya : Yes I really want to go there… (Uya stops talking, he thinks something)


Ayu : Hey.. What are you thinking about?


Uya : Sorry, I just don’t wanna go to Bali, except…


Ayu : Except what? You said you want to go there… this is your right time.


Uya : No, no, it aint my right time. Bromo is as beautiful as Bali, isn’t it?


Ayu : Yes, Bromo is. You always talk about Bali, I think Bali is your favorite place.


Uya : Hmm.. You’re right, Bali is my favorite place. But I don’t wanna go there right now, because…


Ayu : Because of what. . . 


Uya : Because I don’t wanna go to Bali without you…


Ayu : (Silent, looking at Uya’s eyes)


Uya : I don’t wanna go to Bali without you, Ayu.


Ayu : (Keep silent, smiling)



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