Describing Showing Physical and Non-Physical

Learn the adjectives for Description Non Physical below!

a. QUALITY  : Good, Bad, Export, Import etc.
b. SIZE             : Big, Small, Thin, Huge, Short, Long, Wide, Large, Large, Medium, High/Tall, Little, Thick.
c. SHAPE         : Circle, Rectangle, Round, Triangle, Square, Cylinder.
d. AGE              : Old, New.
e. COLOURS    : White, Black, Red, Reddish, Yellow,Yellowish, Green, Dark Green, Blue, Orange, Cream-Coloured.
f. MATERIALS : Steel, Gold, Silver, Iron, Febric, Cotton, Paper, Satin, Plastic, Wood, Leather, Flour, Etc
g. WEIGHT    :    Gram/gr, Once/OZ, Ton, Kilograms.
h. MEASUREMENT : Centimetres, Metres, Inch, Foot/Feet

Learn some adjectives / Describing PHYSICAL below !

  • HEIGHT : Quite tall, Rather Short, Average Heght
  • BUILD     : Quite Slim, Thin, Of Average Build, Well-Build, Rather Heavy, Fat, Skinny.
  • HAIR       : Light Brown, Dark Brown, Blond, Red, Auburn, Black, Curly, Straight,Long, Short, Bald, Wavy.
  • FACE       :
  1. Small Eyes, Large Eyes, Narrow Eyes,
  2. A round Face, A thin Face,
  3. Thick Lips, Thin Lips,
  4. Flat Nose, Pointed Nose,
  5. Dark Complexion, Fair Complexion, Scare, Moustache.
  • AGE       : Young, Old, Middle-aged, Elderly, in his/her 20’/30.
  • LOOKS  : Attractive, Beautiful, Charming, Ugly, Cute, Sexy, Cool.

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