Tugas Perbaikan X 4 dan X 5

Untuk  Siswa X4 dan X5  SMAN 1 Warungkiara yang nilainya kurang dari KKM, silahkan melakukan perbaikan nilai dengan mengisi  jawaban assignment di kolom komentar di bawah ini.


1. Make a dialogue use expressing of invitation and appointment.

2. Make a dialogue use expressing of attention/sympathy.


Note :

Tugas ini paling lambat Sabtu tanggal 17 Desember 2011


13 pemikiran pada “Tugas Perbaikan X 4 dan X 5

  1. Aisy:Hello Ayu. How are you?
    Ayu:Hi… i’m very well
    Aisy:Well you join us to the beach?
    Ayu:I’d love to, but my parents don’t
    let me go.
    Aisy:That’s a pity you are. But it’s O.K.
    You can join us onethe time
    Ayu:Oo i’m sorry i must go, because i
    must help my mother
    Aisy:Oh no problem
    Ayu:good bye ayu
    Aisy:Ok bye bye. . . . . .

  2. soal 1. crocodile playboy

    in line 1
    imam ;haloo ? baby ,are you free this afternoon .
    vio ;yes, i’m free .why, darling
    imam ;i’d like you to have lunh with me,would you ?
    vio ;sure ,you my fick me up at 12.00 am at the bank.
    imam ; okay,see you there baby.

    in line 2
    imam ; hallo ? sweet heart , how are you ?
    tya ; i’m fine ,whats up
    imam ;we must meet now,at the park, i walt you 5 minutes from now
    tya ; i’m sorry ,i’m very busy ,can we meet another day,
    imam ;i hape you can .please,come on !
    tya ;um ,ok , i ill be there.

  3. walt for a while
    soal 1

    in line 1
    rina :excuse me miss i want to take my money
    vio :i’m sorry miss the time for make transaction is over ,we must have a lunch now
    rina ; but ,it ‘s imfortant i must get it quickly
    vio ;but you’re late miss,if you want to get them ,please come back at 01.00 pm
    rina ; i need it now ! do your understand miss ?
    vio ; it’s your fault, you’re late please come back at 13.00 pm. Good afternoon
    rina ;it makes me mad.

  4. A: Hi witri how are you today?
    B: Hi desi I’m very thank you.and what about you?
    A: very good,yesterday,in my house i celearate my brithday party. would you come to my brithday party?
    B:Yes i will. come and thank you very much for inviting me
    A:Yeah….youre well come but i’m sorry i must go to the market for buying something
    B:Oh it doesn’t matter
    A:Good bye..,witri
    B: OK bye.

  5. a: hi mega, how are you?
    b: hi megi i’m very well and what about you?
    a: not bad
    b: i heard that your ca the car hits a cat. it is true?
    a: yes that’s true
    b: oh i’m so sorry to heard that
    a: yes never mind
    b: i’m sorry mega i have go because i must help my mother
    a: it doesn’t matter
    b: bye mega
    a: bye..

  6. Doni: we’re having a party on saturday night, susi. Would you like to come?
    Susi: Certainly. I’d love to come.
    Doni: Great. See you there.

  7. Appointment

    Fitri: Hello, Family Dental. Thsi is Inés speaking. How can I help you?
    Ardi: Hello, Fitri. I’d like to go to the dentist.
    Fitri: Yes, that’s no problem. Would you like to make an appointment?
    Ardi: Yes, please.
    Fitri: Is friday OK for you? At 5 o’clock?
    Ardi: Yes, OK.
    Fitri: What’s your name?
    Ardi: Ardi Saputera.
    Fitri: Ardi Saputera. OK, Ardi, we’ll see you on Friday.
    Ardi: OK. Thank you. Bye bye.

  8. rika:hi….
    rika:how are you..??
    kiki:I’m fine and you?
    rika:I’m fine thank
    kiki:congratulation you’ve got a good grade in the exams this time
    rika:thanks for the words
    rika:sorry I must to go
    rika:bye bye

  9. n.rizky : hello .. izha .
    izha : oh hello nenk rizky .. how are you ..??
    n.rizky : i’m fine.. too .. you bring .
    izha : lot of things . where do you want to go to my uncle’s hous.
    izha : ohh i’see
    n.rizky : yes . tomorrow is my uncle’s birthday ..
    izha : really
    n.rizky : yess izha .
    izha : and have you buy somthing special for your uncle’s
    n.rizky : yess i have .

    perhatian :

    a ; do you know what are kind people who swim but his hair is not wet ??
    b : baldy man
    a : do you know if a cat down to the well then goes up being what ..??
    b : of course . some one get in
    a : do you know . what is the diferent a male zebra and famele zebra .??
    b : the colour of male zebra is black and white in the female zebra is white and black .

    selleesaii ….. !!!!!!! 🙂

  10. ica:hi…..
    ica:how are you??
    irwan:I’m fine thank and you????
    ica:I’m fine thank
    irwan:cha happy birtday
    icha;thanks by his comments
    icha;sorry next time we contiuned again bacause I had to immeditely go to home

  11. faisal :hi
    wida :hi too
    faisal:how are you
    wida :I’m good
    faisal:his congratulation you’ve made me love you
    wida :yes alike I was also relly love you since I clay you
    faisal:I love you me
    wida :yes I love you
    faisal:when we meet again
    wida : tomorrow we’ll see
    faisal:ok now I have to go home
    wida :ok

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