The Father’s Wishes

Once upon a time, there was a farmer who lived with his three boys. Their mother was died. Because that, the farmer very loved his boys. He worked hard to their life.

One day, the farmer was sick and the disease was chronic. His boys were very hurry if their father would be died.

Three days later, their father was died. They were very sad. Before their father was died, their father said him wishes to him boys,”uhuk,,,,uhuk,,,,,my boys, my time is too short. I wish, if I’m dead, you must be a good boy, work hard for your life, and trust me you’ll success. Uhuuuuuuk….”

According to the wishes of their father, the three boys did all. They worked hard, and helped others. Each boys planted one apple tree first. And from time to time, their trees were grow and grow until their had 100.000 apple trees.

Finally, each them bought a house and a car. They were successs. They said thanks to God and their lovely father.

“We love you father.”


2 pemikiran pada “The Father’s Wishes

  1. This site has no right to describe itself as “teaching, and helping, students of English”. The standard of English, the knowledge of grammar and the general knowledge and understanding of the English language is appallingly low. “The Fathers Wishes” is a particularly badly written piece and I was shocked to find it included in a Try Out paper for West Java pre SMA students!!!

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