Noun Phrase

Noun Phrase or Noun Group is a noun that is modified by adjective. Adjective can be divided into two: fact adjectives and opinion adjective. Fact adjective give us information about something, for example new, large, round, wooden. Opinion adjective tells what someone thinks of something for example: nice, beautiful, etc. They go before fact adjectives.

a nice sunny day
  delicious hot soup
an intelligent young man

Sometimes there are two or more fact adjectives. Fact adjective order:

how big How old What color Where from What is it made of NOUN


For example:

  • a tall young man
  • an old Russian song
  • an old white cotton shirt

Adjectives of size and length (big, small, tall, short) go before adjectives of shape and width (round, fat, thin, slim, wide). For example:

  • a tall thin girl
  • a long narrow street


Put the adjectives in brackets in correct position

1)      an usual ring (gold)

2)      an old lady (nice)

3)      a good-looking man (young)

4)      a red car (old/little)

5)      a metal box (black/small)

6)      a long hair ( fair/beautiful)

7)      an old painting (interesting/French)

8)      a modern house (attractive/small)

9)      a small plastic bag (black/nice)

10)   a lovely wooden doll (old/big/Japan/red)



Put the words below into order to make correct sentences.

1)      My mother gave me (gloves – black- a – leather) on my birthday.

2)      We went to (old –a- lovely – village – little) on our last holiday.

3)      (fat – cat- a – big – black) surprised me last night.

4)      I don’t like (ugly – dress –orange – a –new – long)

5)      My father bought (large – new – a – table – beautiful- wooden – round).


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