Some expressions for formal emceeing:

1) Opening

  • Greeting : Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening
  • Welcoming

Welcome to the…

Let me begin by warmly welcome you…

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the..

Let me begin by giving you a warm welcome to…

  • Addressing

The honorable,

The Excellency,…

2) Reading the Agenda

Today’s agenda will be…

First of all, I would like to read for today’s agenda …

The first is …, the second is…, etc

3) Starting the agenda one by one

  • Opening prayer

Let’s say our prayer, shall we? …. Thank you.

Let’s open it with a prayer, shall we? …. Thank you.

Have a minute of silence, shall we? …. Thank u

  • Announcing the speeches or performance

The first speech is by …

The first speech will be delivered by …

The first speech is going to be delivered by …

  • Inviting speakers/performers

Mr./Mrs./Ms. …., please.

Mr./Mrs./Ms. …., the floor is yours.

  • Thanking

Thank you so much..

Thank you for …

  • Closing prayer

4) Closing

I thank you for coming…

We hope that the program would …

Have a nice day/ Have nice program/

Good bye.

PAY ATTENTION to the following MC performance:

  • Voice and intonation
  • Expression and Eye Contact
  • Body Language
  • Verbal Language: formal context and word choice
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