Two Thin Goats

Once there were two thin goats. Both of them were hungry. They were tied together with brown rope. They wanted to eat the green leaves from two separated bushes. One bush was on the left. The other bush was on the right.

The goats thought they could do everything on their own. However, the rope was short. They tried and tried but they could not reach the bushes. They were sad.

Then, the goats decided to work together. First, they eat the leaves on the right. Then, they ate the leaves on the left. The leaves were very delicious. The goat were happy,

Answer the questions above!

1. What did the goats want to eat?

a. A brown rope

b. Bushes

c. Green leaves

d. Trees

2. Why did the goats want to eat?

a. They were near the bushes

b. They were hungry

c. They were tied together

d. They were near the leaves

3. Why were the goats sad?

a. They were hungry

b. They could not reach the leaves

c. They thought they could do everything

d. The rope was short

4. How did the goats finally reach the bushes?

a. By working together

b. By cutting the rope

c. By trying to reach the bushes on their own

d. By doing everything on their own

The purpose of Narrative Text:

  • To entertain the readers

Generic Structures of Narrative Text:

  • Orientation (Memperkenalkan tokoh cerita, tempat dan waktu kejadian)
  • Complication (terdapatnya masalah dalam cerita)
  • Resolution (terdapatnya penyelesaian masalah)

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