Time Connectives / Conjunction

They are to express events in chronological order, to illustrate the sequence of a story

In the beginning In the middle In the end
  • In the beginning
  • At first
  • At the start
  • First of all
  • Next
  • After that
  • Then
  • Second, third, etc
  • Following
  • Subsequently
  • Afterwards
  • Meanwhile
  • Eventually,
  • At last,
  • In conclusion,
  • Finally,
  • To sum up,
  • As has been noted,

To illustrate time relationships (how are event relates to another in terms of time) you can use

  • At the same time
  •  During
  •  When, while, as
  • As soon as
  • Before
  • Until

In giving instruction or direction we may use the sequence markers or connectors such as:

  •  First, go down this street
  •  Next, turn left and go
  •  Then look for the shop
  •  After that, go up the little street
  •  Finally, cross the bridge


EXERCISE  1 : Combine the sentences using the conjunction given in parentheses. Do not change the order of the sentences. Pay attention to the punctuation.
Ermm 1. They got married. They had to learn to manage their own home. (after)
Ermm 2. He went crazy. His wife burnt his breakfast. (when)
Ermm 3. You can hear what I’m saying. You keep quiet. (if)
Ermm 4. I won’t invite my classmates to a party. I know them well. (until)
Ermm 5. He arrived home. I had already cleaned the house. (by the time)  
Ermm 6. The first quiz was easy. This one is extremely difficult. (whereas) 
Ermm 7. She’s snobbish. People like her. (yet)
Ermm 8. We’re broke. We can’t buy anything. (since)
Ermm 9. He failed. He won’t give up his ideals. (even though)
Ermm 10. He fell asleep. He was watching the film. (while)
EXERCISE 2: Combine the following pairs of sentences making any necessary changes. Use one of the following connectors.
After / And / Because / Before / But / Neither…nor / That / When / Whom / Whose
Ermm 1. I play a kind of music. Nobody likes that kind of music.
Ermm 2. You saw a man yesterday. That man wasn’t a famous actor.
Ermm 3. I remember a day. On that day I took my first airplane trip. 
Ermm 4. I have a neighbour. The parents of that neighbour live in Australia.
Ermm 5. I read a book. It taught me a lot about the history of Algeria.
Ermm 6. I didn’t like your work. I didn’t appreciate it too.
Ermm 7. My grandpa is slow. He is a strong person.
Ermm 8. The girls ran over the path. They ran over the hill too.
Ermm 9. He didn’t make enough efforts. He didn’t succeed.
Ermm 10. First I finished all my work. Then I went to bed.

EXERCISE  3 : Put the correct conjunctions and time connectives for the following paragraphs.

(1) ……………., in he deserts of Central Australia, there was a poor hungry goanna.He had crawled all over the country and couldn’t find anything to eat. Tears rolled from his eyes as he lay under a rock, thinking he must surely die.

Just (2)……. he saw Perentie with an egg. “Perentie, my friend’, Goanna said, “will you share your egg with me, or will I surely die?”

“No”, said the selfish Perentie, “there is not enough for two.”

About an hour (3)……, Goanna saw Blue Tongue Lizard with a big juicy insect. “Blue Tongue, my friend”, Goanna said, ”will you share your food with m, or will I surely die?”

“Sure”, said the kind Blue Tongue. ”Here you are. I’ll do you a good turn. (4) ….., I might need your help.”



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