An adjective clause is used to describe a noun. A relative pronoun is usually used to introduce an adjective clause.

Adjective Clause dinamakan juga RELATIVE PRONOUN atau RELATIVE CLAUSE yaitu Clause (anak kalimat) yang digunakan/berfungsi sebagai adjective yang menerangkan keadaan noun atau pronoun.

Untuk lebih jelasnya penjelasan mengenai Adjective Clause, perhatikan penjelasan di bawah ini:


  • I have read the book (that) you just mentioned.Main Clause: I have read the book.
    Subordinate Clause: (that) you just mentioned.

Anak kalimat menerangkan kata benda the book, disebut dengan Adjective Clause

  • The lesson (that) she is learning is very difficult.Main Clause: The lesson is very difficult.
    Subordinate Clause: (that) she is learning.

Berdasarkan pada the Antecedent yang ditunjuk oleh introductory words (kata-kata pendahulunya), Adjective Clause dapat diklasifikasikan menjadi 2 macam, yaitu:

1. Relative Pronoun (Kata Ganti Orang)

Kata Penghubung yang digunakan adalah : Who, Whom, Whose, That

Who: used for humans in subject position (Subjek):

Examples :

-Hans, who is an architect, lives in Berlin

– He paid the money to the man who / that had done the work

Whom: used for humans in object position (Objek kata kerja dan objek kata depan):
Examples :

Marike, whom Hans knows well, is an interior decorator.

– He paid the man whom/that he had hired. (Objek kata kerja)

– He paid the man from whom he had borrowed the money. (objek kata depan)

Whose: used for humans, animalsi or objects to give information about their possessions (Kata Ganti Kepunyaan).
Examples :
The girl whose dress is red is my best friend.
– This is the girl whose picture you saw.
2. Relative Pronoun (Kata Ganti Benda, Binatang)
Kata Penghubung yang digunakan adalah: Which, that
That: used for humans, animals and things, in subject or object position (Subjek) but see below:
Marike is decorating a house that Hans designed.

– Here is a book that describes animals.

Which: used for things and animals in subject or object position (objek kata kerja dan kata depan) :
Examples :
Marike has a dog which follows her everywhere.
– The chair which he broke is being repaired. (objek kata kerja)
– She was wearing the coat for which she had paid $2,00. (objek kata depan).


3. Relative Adverbs

When: used for time (Kata Penghubung yang digunakan untuk menerangkan waktu)
Examples :
My baby was born in the year when I moved to Italy.
– This is the year whenthe Olympic Games are held.
Where: used for places (Kata Penghubung yang digunakan untuk tempat)
Examples :
The hotel where we stayed last summer was very beautiful.

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