Waiting for Bus Line 54

An innocent girl first time to visit the city of Washington, DC. She was desperate to visit a place in the city. Not knowing the exact direction, he then ask a policeman who was nearby.

“Excuse me sir,” the girl said, “I want to go to the ‘Capitol Building’, how are you? ”

With a friendly policeman said, “You just wait here and wait for bus number 54 and the bus will take you directly up to the ‘Capitol Building’.”

The girl immediately thanked the policeman and the policeman left.

Three hours later the police returned to his post and found that the girl was still standing in the same place.

The police immediately approached the girl and said, “Excuse me miss, but to be able to go to the ‘Capitol Building’ You should take bus number 54. I’ve said it three hours ago is not it? Why are you still waiting here? ”

With unadorned the girl replied, “Do not worry sir, no longer really … just that to 45 buses have passed anyway, so still less 9 bus again!”


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