The Boy Who Cried Wolf

once there a shepherd boy, he had to look after a flock of sheep every day.  one day, he felt very lonely and bored , he deceived to play trick on the villagers, he ran into the village shouting very loudly .’help ! help ! wolf ! wolf ! the villagers heard his crier an come running to chase away the wolf .

when they reached the meadow they asked the boy.” where is the word ? ” the step herd boy said .”oh ! it was here , but now its gone ” the next day the played the same trick again, he shouted ,’ helf 1c wolf ! the villagers ran to help .the boy, but once again they did not see the wolf .

a few day letter , shepherd boy once again shouted.
help ! wolf ! “now villagers did not help the boy . the laughed and said to each to her  ” he is trying to trick us again ” but this time the wolf really came and killed the sheep and no one come to  help the boy . the boy was very sorry , he promised not to trick people anymore.


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