Function of Request:

To ask somebody to do something politely
To make polite request uses some expressions


Expressions Ask of Request (Bertanya/Meminta)


  • Could you phone me at 7 o’clock?
  • Would you mind repairing my watch?
  • Would you mind …,please?
  • Would you mind … (Verb-Ing)
  • Would you mind not……. (Verb-Ing)
  • Would you like ….. (Verb-1)
  • Would it be possible for you to….?
  • We should be most grateful if …?
  • Would you be so kind as to …?
  • Ø Would you like to be patient?


  • Can you give me the book?
  • Do you think you could take me to the shop
  • I wonder if you could write me an application letter?
  • Can I borrow your pen?
  • Could I have a seat?
  • Can’t I sit beside you?
  • May I use your computer?
  • Can you …?
  • Could you …?
  • Will you…?
  • Would you …?
  • Won’t you …..?
  • Will you move here?
  • Wait a minute, please?
  • Come here please?
  • Won’t you please be patient?
  • Attention please?
  • Close the door, please
  • Please …


Expressions Response of Request (Menerima Permintaan)

  • OK
  • Sure
  • yes
  • All right
  • Certainly
  • It’s a pleasure
  • I have no objection
  • I should be delighted to come by all means
  • I’d be happy to….
  • No problem
  • Mmm
  • Yes, of course
  • Yes, just a minute
  • Yeah.
  • Right you are
  • By all means
  • I should be most happy


Expressions Refusal of Request (Menolak Permintaan)

  • I’m afraid, I ….. (give your reason).
  • I’m sorry, I can’t.
  • I’d like to, but…(give your reason).
  • I’m afraid it’s not possible
  • I’m afraid not
  • Sorry
  • Sorry, I can’t
  • Sorry, I still use it
  • No, I won’t
  • Not likely
  • Of course not
  • Certainly not
  • You must be joking



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