Beauty and The Beast

Beauty was a beautiful girl. She was also hard working. She always helped her father on the farm.

One day, her father set out for the old castle. He picked a rose from the garden for Beauty. Suddenly, an angry Beast appeared. He wanted to kill Beauty’s father unless Beauty was brought to him.

Beauty father told her daughters what had happened. Beauty’s sisters ordered her to see the Beast. Beauty went to see the Beast and had to stay at the castle. She felt scared, lonely and sad. The Beast treated Beauty well. Soon, Beauty began to like the Beast. One day, Beauty father was sick. The Beast allowed her to go home.

One night, Beauty had a dream. A fairy told her that the Beast was sick. Beauty back and saw the Beast dying, she began to cry. Tears fell onto the Beast. Suddenly, the Beast changed into a handsome prince. Beauty and the Beast got married and lived happily ever after.


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